So we got ourselves another wise guy huh?
Pffft, you can't solve this one You don't got the brains nor the smarts Forget about it. Last I heard the person who lived here moved out years ago ...something about strange noises coming from the attic. Anyway, good luck detective. If that is your real name. Who or what could possibly live in a room like this?

The stench in here is terrible. I wish this window opened...

Wait, is this..... a fern?! What kind of crazy person keeps a fern indoors? They can't have any allergies that's for trues. Or any kind of functioning nose for that matter.

That's strange, the TV's off but warm. They must have just left. Or maybe they were never here?!

Last I checked, this is a major trip hazard. Unless, this person nonchalantly floats about without a care in the world?!

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